Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My 100th post

This post is another milestone for this blog. It is actually my 100th post since the first one on January 20 of this year. In that first post I said:
Today, I start a new endeavor. I do this with a very clear goal in mind, something that I would rather keep to myself for now. Everything else is just implementation.

My goal really was to earn from blogging and for a long time I thought I was going nowhere. But a few days ago, I got my first Adsense pay through Western Union. With that, I guess I can say I've achieved my initial goal.

Moreover, I feel I did not just achieve my original target. I also learned a lot in the process and have evolved as a person, hopefully for the better. The few regulars who have been visiting this blog can surely attest that Pinoy Seminars has gone through a lot of experimentation.

With these experimentation, no one was more blessed than the blogger behind. I thank everyone for supporting a "newbie" blogger like me and for bearing with my experimentations. Now off to my 200th post. Merry Christmas everyone.


pmonchet said...

Wow nice to hear that you recieved your first cheque. Malaki siguro ano?

Gibo said...

hi pmonchet. it's a measly amount compared to what others are earning from their blogs. but it's good start, at least for me.

fatima said...

Your blog is very informative. Hope I can get my check from google also soon!!!