Monday, June 7, 2010

How to drive a manual car

Yes, almost everything can be learned from YouTube nowadays. Even driving, or more specifically, driving a manual or stick-shift car. I myself have just completed ten hours of driving school and will vouch that 90 percent of what the instructor taught me, are taught in the following videos.

So, here's how you drive a manual or stick-shift car courtesy of Mr. Joey of A Plus. I guarantee it will help you go through actual driving lessons better.

Right Seating Position

Proper Handling of Steering

Proper Stepping on the Accelerator, Break and Clutch (ABC)

Gear Shifting


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anne88 said...

this video is really helpful,the best video i've seen so far. thank you for posting this i would really want my husband to see this when he comes home from china.he is also learning how to drive