Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Negoskwela, found finally

For some reason, they don't have a website. So, even though you read a lot about their short courses, it is difficult to find their contact information online. Hopefully, that ends now. I am posting here all information contained in Negoskwela's flyer which I got during the Go Negosyo Go Gobyerno seminar.

Negoskwela offers short courses and and invites us to start our own businesses now. It is owned and operated by Skill-Power Institute, a livelihood and technology training center. It has garnered various awards including the No. 1 Technical and Livelihood Training School (National Category), the National Shoppers' Choice 2003-2006, and Philippine Marketing Excellence 2004.

Negoskwela is located along North Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City, just across Gate 1 of the Philippine Veterans Memorial Hospital). Its telephone nos. include 4330637, 4330621, 4267940, and 9245111. Its fascimile no. is 4267952. It may also be reached through the mobile nos. 0917831447 and 09209058940, and the email address nego_skwela@yahoo.com.ph.

Negoskwela offerings include arts and crafts courses, business skills management courses, food technology and culinary courses, fashion arts courses, chemical and industrial courses, agricultural and aquatic courses, computer, information technology and electronic courses, and some comprehensive and complete courses. Download Negoskwela's latest schedule (updated).

Registration fees ranges from P1385 to P4975 depending on the type of the course and the number of training days. Schedules normally starts at 9:30 am and ends at 5:00 pm. Weekly and monthly schedules are published in the Manila Bulletin Sunday Edition and the Women's Journal. Phone and text reservation is required.

Negoskwela offers a 15% discount for payments 5 or 4 days before schedule, 10% for 3 or 2 days before schedule, and 5% for 1 day before schedule. They also offer an escalating loyalty discount from 10% to as much as 50%.

Quite appropriately, Negoskwela banners the following saying in their flyer: "Give man a fish and he will eat for a day, but teach a man how to fish and he will eat for a lifetime." Indeed we need to learn the how tos to last a lifetime.


bonsky said...

Hi! Finally nakita ko na din contact details of negoskwela. I've been searching the net for months and no luck! I also attended the Go Negosyo Go Gobyerno but i lost my brochure. anyway thanks for posting it! Might call them tomorrow for balloon decorations and the seminar on party shop biz. Their cheaper than TLRC.

Thanks! www.jenniferlopezgana.i.ph

Center for Small Entrepreneurs, Inc. said...


All walks of life are now preparing their selves in starting a business. But the question is, how will you start your business and how are you going to sustain the operation despite of all the factors affecting it?

Some plunge into business without any background on what the business is all about. Some are forced to continue the business even though their hearts belong to something else. Others are still looking for business opportunities, tips and assistance. If you belong to these categories, how are you going to handle the business?

The Center for Small Entrepreneurs (CSE) is an NGO, committed in the development, empowerment and promotion of the micro and small entrepreneurs in our country. In doing so, CSE is providing holistic programs through the (1) publication of books, (2) organization of business networking in forms of business forums, trade fairs, online promotions of products/ services and entrepreneurs’ organization, and (3) conduct of business development in the course of training programs from Business Planning down to Production, Marketing, Financial and Organizational aspects of the business.

CSE wants the micro and small entrepreneurs to create, build and grow their business. The center believes that these micro-enterprises have the ability to grow given the support, resources and knowledge that they need.
True to its commitment, CSE also offers FREE Entrepreneurship seminar every Friday (10:00am to 12:00nn) as a guide to more growth-oriented enterprises in the Philippines.

To inquire about CSE’s services, you may contact us at 524-1879, 523-9776, 0917-9794349, 09186521111 or email us at training_asst@csentrepinoy.org.ph. You could check our website at www.csentrepinoy.org.ph or visit us at Rm. 323, 1518 Asian Social Institute Building. Leon Guinto St. cor. Escoda St. Malate, Manila.

Anonymous said...

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