Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How to read ebooks on your China phone

Like me, you probably find it disturbing that most China phones have "ebooks" listed in their menus and yet no one knows how to use it. The only reason why the functionality is not being used is because no one really tells you how to.

After some researching I realized it is as simple saving txt format ebooks in your memory card and opening it using the menu. There is no installation required.

That may not sound exciting, but imagine this: you can actually paste any text to your PC's Notepad, save it, and wooollah, you now have a file that you can bring and read anywhere with your phone.

Monday, August 29, 2011

How to make the world's best paper airplanes

Guess what, there many ways of making paper airplanes with some types staying on the air longer than the others. See videos below.

The Record Holder

The Cobra

The Arrow

The Spirit

The Philippines as a learning society

There is no mistaking, the Philippines is slowly becoming a real learning society. We see this in the increasing number of seminar providers and the number of persons who attend their seminars.

More and more Filipinos are out there trying to acquire useful knowledge either for free or for a fee. These include seminars on livelihood, entrepreneurship, business, personal finance, technical skills, among others.

When we started this blog years ago, our aim was to provide info on these types of seminars. We continue to do so as we recognize the transformative and liberating effect of useful knowledge.

With that said, please check our List of Seminar and Training Providers with new additions. We continue to work on making this list the most inclusive, the most complete listing seminar and training providers in the Philippines.