Saturday, December 15, 2007

Got a P25T scholarship for P45

I always get those types of calls at the office. A telemarketer introduces herself on the phone as being from a certain insurance company and tells me about a free one-year accident insurance. I always turn them down saying "wala akong balak maaksidente ngayon taon." (I don't intend to figure in an accident this year.)

I probably got no less than 20 of those calls in the past year. This last time, however, I got a call telling me that I have a free two-year scholarship for pick up in Makati. According to the lady, all I have to do was to present three valid identification cards at their office. My training-starved self immediately jumped on the opportunity.

The trip to Makati comprising of a jeep and an MRT ride cost me only P22.50, or P45 back and forth. On the way there I was speculating on what's going to be the "hitch" about the P25,000 scholarship. Maybe they will ask me to attend a marketing spiel. Maybe I have to purchase something. Maybe...

As it turned out, when I got to the company's office I was only made to fill up a form, asked a few questions, and made to present the three valid IDs. Maybe it was because I didn't have an existing credit, something that they seemed interested about. Then, I was given an education voucher of Datamex allegedly worth P25,000 and fully tranferable.

The hitch? Upon inquiry with Datamex, I learned that the voucher is usable only for their 2-year computer courses and would account only for the tuition. One would still need to pay their miscellaneous fees. Honestly, that's not much of a hitch to me. The yaya of my daughter who is a high school graduate has long been wanting to attend college, even just a two-year course. In all likelihood, the scholarship goes to her.


pmonchet said...

Same thing happened to our Store supervisor. You still have to shell out at least P3,000 plus or more as miscellaneous fee. It ended also as a gift to other people.

Cyberpunk said...

well good thing it's transferable.

haha baka maging blogger na rin si yaya :D