Sunday, December 9, 2007

Technical and vocational training providers

The Technical and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), pursuant to its mandate, provides direction to our country's technical and vocational education and training system (TVET). To pursue this direction, it accredits and monitors technical and vocational institutes (TVIs) providing registered/authorized courses or programs.

There are hundreds, even thousands of accredited institutions all over the country. TESDA maintains an online list of technical and vocational institutes segregated by regions, provinces and cities to allow us to verify their accreditations. Included in the list are the institutes' addresses, their telephone numbers and their registered/authorized courses or programs.

Too bad they didn't include the websites of the institutes. I am sure there are some who have one especially that many are offering computer courses. Still, the list provides a lot of options for people wanting to learn computer, electronic, nursing, language, performing arts and other skills. All you need to do is call and inquire.

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