Saturday, May 5, 2007

Negosyo, booths, instant franchise, free ice cream

Aside from getting a glimpse of our President at the Go Negosyo Go Gobyerno event, government employees like me also got to hear some of the country's most successful entrepreneurs featured in the book Go Negosyo: Joey Concepcion's 50 Most Inspiring Stories. We also had several lessons on entrepreneurship conceptualization, product design, financing, among others.

On the side, we had wonderful entertainment most memorable of which was that by former PBB housemate Roxanne Barcelo who talked a bit about facing your "demons" before taking on the dream of your life. The whole day, government and private company booths were also busy handing out information on business opportunities and livelihood trainings. I was particularly impressed with Negoskwela's exhibit showing lettuce and cabage growing full size on plastic cups using what is called hydrophonics. Great idea for urban dwellers like most of us.

At the end of the day, 5 unexpecting game participants got a 15 thousand pesos worth franchise from Kettle Corn, courtesy from Go Negosyo's Joey Concepcion, and thus instantly moving them into the world of business. "Lucky" me only got free ice cream like everyone else. Check out my Go Negosyo Go Gobyerno pictures here.

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