Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Talk about negosyo

I attended today the Go Negosyo, Go Gobyerno event at PTTC where the President Gloria Macapagal- Arroyo announced the launch of a livelihood lending facility for government employees. In her keynote speech, she explained that amounts will be made available by government financial institutions (GFIs) to qualified cooperatives and employee associations (should have been in existence for at least 2 years) who will be the ones to lend to individual regular/permanent government employees.

The President said that the maximum loanable amount is P150,000 and that the loan will be subject to interest rates at market level (likely to be more than 12% as the cooperatives and the employee associations will be getting the money from GFIs at this rate) payable in 2 years. It will be available only to regular permanent employees.

Too bad. First, almost everyone at our office is a contractual employee. Second, there is no employee association nor a cooperative existing there. Well, at least we are not going to be subject to the temptation of borrowing in the pretense of business. :) As one cooperative president correctly pointed out, the typical government employee usually borrows every where he can borrow. "Kung saan pwede umutang, uutang."

I for one felt that Go Negosyo should have focused first on informing government employees of the various types of micro-business that they can go into, as well as the trainings being provided by various government agencies. In fact, from the questions raised during the whole-day event, it was quite clear that government employees were craving for affordable livelihood trainings.

Now, if only the concerned agencies can provide weekend trainings for government employees at discounted fees, then probably this lending facility set up by the President will be put to good use.


angelbaby said...

if you're interested to build your knowledge on micro businesses, please contact 9323974 or 942 4907, these are the numbers of COttage Industry Technology Center, a line agency of DTI and also the Project Manager of Rural Micro Enterprise Dev't Prog. I used to work in these agency, and because I got very much inspired from the work that they do there, i made a decision to live my full potential through entrepreneurship, I left the government service in 2005.

Good luck to you and to everyone who aims to create wealth and abundance in their life.

Vicki Martinoff

Masaganang Pinoy said...

I'm not sure if this would qualify for the mentioned lending facility for permanent government employees. But otherwise - and for those who are not qualified for the loan - this one requires capital that would not be difficult to raise, being the equivalent of only (or less than) P15,000 at current exchange rates.

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Gibo said...

hi vicki. its good to hear that someone from government service has made the jump to entrepreneurship. i wish i will find my own way too. thanks for the info.

hello masaganang pinoy. thanks for visiting my site and for the compliment. will take time to read your blog and learn about the business scheme you mentioned.