Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Technorati favorites exchange

Around three months ago, I created this blog supposedly with a clear goal in mind. In my first post, I said "Today, I start a new endeavor. I do this with a very clear goal in mind, something that I would rather keep to myself for now. Everything else is just implementation." Haha. To be honest, my goal then was to make this blog an earning blog. Big mistake.

I learned quite fast that it is not that simple, not that easy. I also learned that there is this thing about blogging which makes it worth your while even if you are not earning. For one, you get to improve your writing skills. Second, there is the feeling of satisfaction in being able to share information, no matter how unimportant, with your readers, no matter how few. My goal now is to make this blog a useful site to as many readers as possible.

In order to reach more people, I have decided to participate in a Technorati favorites exchange. My objective is to increase the possibility of people finding this site through search engines. Hopefully, once they'd chance upon this blog, they will find some useful information and come back. I'm sure other newbie bloggers would like that for their blogs too.

So, if you'd want to exchange "technorati favorites" please add this blog to your Technorati favorites and leave a comment on this post with the url of your blog. I will gladly return the favor. If you want, you may also participate in a similar and bigger exchange at Dosh Dosh. Let's see if the experiment works.


Anonymous said...

added your blog to my fave.

here’s is my link still. (for those who wants to add me)

TJantunen said...

Thanks for visiting in my blog. I just added your site to my faves.

PS. Do not miss my StumbleUpon stumble exchange project, it can drive a huge load of traffic to your site.

TJantunen said...

I just noticed that I had use my blogger profile to leave comment. But my actual blog is no longer in blogger, you can find it from here

Markk said...

Hi! I've just faved your blog to Technorati. Returning a visit you requested. BTW, what is "pinoy"?
You got a great variety of topics here. Keep it up.

roy choco said...

Pareng Gibo,

Yan ha, ginawa kitang favorite. Hindi mo kilangang mag-reciprocate. :)