Monday, April 23, 2007

Learning from ants

The beauty of the internet today is that there is always something to learn at every click of the mouse. Today, my mouse led me to this thing about ants. According to this blog, CWright Consulting, ants were tasked (or perhaps just observed) to carry a dead beetle 100 x their size through a mosquito netting.

In accomplishing the task, the ants had clarity of message, or more accurately, mission. They all knew the task at hand without discussion or dissension. They also had seamless leadership. If they had a leader calling the shots, he was fully integrated and was invisible, allowing everyone to complete their tasks.

The ants had unflagging determination working continuously until the job was done three days later. They also thought out of the box, resorting to breaking the dead beetle leg by leg, wing by wing, section by section, after realizing it will not get through the net. And most importantly, they had teamwork. There were no squabbling, no slackers, everyone giving 100 percent.

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