Saturday, August 28, 2010

How to Professionalize Your Business Operations & Lead Your People Successfully

Whether you are running a business or managing a department in your company, developing an effective system will allow you to get more out of your operations with less time and effort, as well asincrease efficiency and save money.

In this 1-day seminar, you will learn why it is important to professionalize your business systems and how to set up and manage a system that your people can work with and support enthusiastically. Once you have applied the lessons of this class, you will get to enjoy the benefits of a professional workplace!

"How to Professionalize Your Business Operations & Lead Your People Successfully"
Schedule: September 11, 2010, Saturday (9am to 5pm)

What You will Learn:

· How to set up systems for your company

· Guidelines for creating your operations manual

· Important steps to implement your operational systems

· How to lead and manage your people for better business performance

Topics You will Cover:

· Workplace Operations Assessment

· Principles of a Professional & Systematic Workplace

· Organogram & Flowcharts

· Key Areas to Systematize

· Nine Steps to Systematizing Your Operations

· Implementing Your Systems

· Preparing Your People to Implementation Changes

· Managing Different Levels of Resistance

· Taming Office Politics

· Your Business Leadership Plan & Style

· Creating the Right Culture & Workplace Environment

· Measuring Productivity and Performance

· Gameplan for Continuous Growth

Who Should Attend:
Business Owners and Entrepreneurs, General Managers, Branch Managers, Department Heads, Department Managers & Supervisors, Operations Managers, Office Administration Managers & Supervisors, Managers of Non-Profit Organizations and any business professional seeking to professionalize their business operations for more efficiency and effectiveness.

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