Thursday, September 11, 2008

Niche marketing online, Pinoy style

Guess what? Later this month, I will again receive my pay from Google Adsense. It will be my third since I started posting their ads on Pinoy Seminars as well as on my other blogs.

The amount is by no means staggering but still something to be happy about considering that not all bloggers end up getting paid by Google.

One of the things I am happy about with this blog is that, I feel I have found a niche which gives me steady traffic. This niche, though not far reaching, has been largely unserved in the past.

With a few posts and some sidebar links, I feel I was able to provide information that will serve the niche and attract new visits, day in and day out.

I intend to build upon this modest success by learning more about niche marketing and search engine optimization. My personal target is, to double, if not triple, the income I derive from my blogs before the year ends.

What do you think?

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