Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Negoskwela's Schedule for August 2008

The eighth day of the eighth month of the year two thousand eight is fast approaching. A lot of people are planning to hold their grand events, like weddings, on the very day. Of course, there are other ways of marking day 08-08-08, or just the month 08-08.

One is to start something great like investing. And, I don't just mean investing your money in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, business, etc. I also mean investing in yourself, like pampering your thirst for knowledge and accomplishment by attending trainings and seminars.

You have plenty of options in Negoskwela's schedule for 08-08, or the month of August 2008, and the succeeding month, September 2008. You may also check out the schedules of all the seminar providers I have listed on the sidebar of this blog.


grace said...

didn't find skeds of negoskwela

Gibo said...

hi grace. sorry about it. some of the old posts have dead links on them already. the latest schedule i posted is at: Schedule.doc

i think. :)

paul ryan said... so interested in silk screen printing...may i knw f negoskwela cebu offer silk screen printing course?


paul ryan said...

hi...may i knw f negoskwela cebu offer silk screen printing course?