Monday, September 15, 2008 - My choice for the Bloggers' Choice Award

As I earlier posted, I only learned recently about the 2008 Philippine Blog Awards scheduled to be held on September 21, sunset, at 1 Esplanade. But, even if I learned late about the event, I am not going to miss the opportunity to participate.

The Awards allows us bloggers to "vote" for our favorite blogs for the Bloggers' Choice Award. I am doing so now. Of all the wonderful blogs nominated, I choose of Marhgil Macuha. I personally like the way Marhgil blogs, which is very natural and free flowing, and covering a wide range of interesting topics.

I also like the way he openly shares information and tips on blogging and SEO, which is great for us who are relatively new and inexperienced as bloggers. His blog,, really encourages me to pursue with fervor Pinoy Seminars, my personal blog on seminars, trainings and negosyo in the Philippines.

My congratulations to Marhgil. Hopefully he will be among the winners.

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marhgil said...

thanks for the vote! i already linked your blog on my post. rock on!