Monday, November 5, 2007

My beadwork


Sherwin said...

hi gibo i love your new theme. naiinggit ako :)

one comment lang, parang masyadong mahabo ang scroll pababa to look for your archives. maybe it's better to just put a three columner theme instead? otherwise, the color, everything else, looks awesome.

Sherwin said...

gibo, by the way, i really loved your entry on stock market basics and i've advertised you at a local yahoo group called

i wrote something about the stock market, and to provide brevity, i just told people to read that so i don't have to re-write some basics :)

Gibo said...

thanks sherwin. actually tried putting the archives on the sidebar. it got distorted. naging two lines per label, kaya pangit tignan. still don't know how to fix it kaya it's still down there.

no problem about the stock market basics. i appreciate the publicity. still wanting to attend absolute traders' technical analysis seminar though. really want to learn more.

more power.

alfa said...

do you sell those?

Gibo said...

hi alfa. i'm still learning but yes i do plan to sell them at very low prices. maybe come christmas time. :) thanks for visiting.