Thursday, November 8, 2007

Creating a continue reading link

Brevity was never my talent. Even if I was writing about a very simple topic, I always ended with a writeup longer than expected. This creates a problem for me in blogging. Long posts have a way of muddling up the layout of the homepage of your blog.

The solution of course is to post only a few paragraphs on your homepage with a "continue reading" or "read more" link pointing to the url of your full post. Sounds simple, but as I later found out, not so easy to do particularly with the Blogger. I searched the net on how and tried out the procedures suggested. Nothing seemed to work until I found this.

Here's how. On your dashboard, click on "layout" for the blog you want to modify. Then on the menu above, click on "edit html". Once inside, check the box before "expand widget templates". Then, find the text no. 1 above and insert text no. 2 between them.

If you can't find no. 1, this probably means your template is saved in another file. Find text no. 3 and before it insert text no. 4. After which, find text no. 5 and insert text no. 6 after it. You may change the text "read more!" with "continue reading". Then save your template. Your blog now is ready to post blog summaries as they call it.

In your posts, insert text no. 7 after the last paragraph that your want to show on your homepage. Then insert text no. 8 after the last paragraph of your full post. Then publish your post. You now have a continue reading function for your blog.

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