Monday, September 24, 2007

Increase Adsense clicks thru ads in between posts

Guess what, I am now close to getting my first Adsense paycheck. A few months ago I thought I will never be able to get this far. But things started to change. I think it was because I moved my Google ads from the sidebar to the spaces in between my blog posts.

It wasn't easy transferring the ads. In fact, it was complicated placing them in between posts in (Blogger) blogs like this one. After successfully doing it, I couldn't help but write about it. Google probably noticed our plight and added some tweaks in Blogger to enable us to do the job with a few clicks.

Here's how. (1) From your dashboard, click on layout. Then, (2) click on edit blog posts. In the dialog box, (3) check the box opposite "Show ads in between posts". The dialog box will then show the configuration options of your Adsense units. After configuring, (4) click on save. Voila! You now have Google ads in between posts.

A quick note. This shortcut is not seamless. I tried doing this with my Bol-anon blog but the resulting ads turned out to be misaligned. I ended up keeping the ads on my sidebar. On the other hand, the trick worked quite well on my Quick & Random blog.

How about you guys?


b said...

hi. if blogspot ba adsense check goes to you?

thanks for adding!


Gibo said...

hi dragon. yes, even if blogger/blogspot is a free service, you can post google ads and earn from clicks. the check will of course go to you. :) by the way, i like your forum at finance manila, it provides me clues about the stock market. :)