Sunday, June 3, 2007

Adsense inside posts in Blogger

For those using the new Blogger, am sure you know already that in the template, you can only add a Google Adsense unit either to the sidebar or to the footer of your blog. This clearly limits your flexibility in positioning the Google ads. For one, you cannot place them in between posts. That's just too bad because placing ads between your posts is really placing them right straight in front of the eyes of your readers, not a little to the side, or below.

But then you see a lot of Blogger blogs with URLs like showing Google Adsense ads inside their post. I figured there must be a way to do it and set out to learn how. It took me some time but now I know. It is fairly simple. Just follow the instructions below.
  1. You have to have an Adsense account. If not, sign up for Adsense first.
  2. Open your Google Adsense account and get your desired code.
  3. Sign into Blogger and click on "template".
  4. When inside, click on "edit html".
  5. Save a backup file first.
  6. Somewhere on the right top corner, put a check on "expand widgets".
  7. Find the "data:post.body" line in the html code (see image above).
  8. After this text, paste your Google Adsense code.
  9. In the Google Adsense code, change "<" with "& l t ;" minus the spaces in between (see image above).
  10. Still in the Google Adsense code, change ">" with "& g t ;" minus the spaces in between (see image above).
  11. Save your corrected html code.
  12. View your blog to see if your Adsense unit looks nice between your posts.
There is of course discussion as to the legality of this "change" in the Google Adsense code. The blog were I got this technique, IMessengr, assures us that this is not in violation of the Google Adsense's terms. They point to this email from Google posted in this blog, Blogging Secret.

Still another chapter in my quest for making money online. Hope this will help others out there too.


C5 said...

Hey, thanks for this! I've been trying to figure out this as I don't have to... :D

MommyBa said...

joining the ride with you on the alexa train :)

have a great week ahead :)

Aryst said...

Thanks for the great guide...looking forward to use it...

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