Sunday, July 8, 2007

Beads on camera

In a very special wedding we attended last Saturday, my wife wore an earing I made for the occasion. The motif was flame, a tinge of orange and blue, and the earing easily matched the color of the day. It was simple hook earing but it gave my wife's costume an added glow. Or so I say. :)

As it turns out, the bride and groom's giveaways for their female guests were bracelets made of beads. My wife got one with an orange theme, again matching the color of her gown. In that part where the groom and the bride thank all those who helped them in the preparations, they thanked two friends who made the bracelets for them. Quite a lot of work I would say as they probably distributed more than a hundred of them.

Incidentally, Nina Lumberia of the blog The Fickle Minded has pictures of some of the things you might want to consider doing: baking, cake decorating and crafts, like parchment craft, cross-stitching and beadcraft. By her own description, she is a Pinay expat in Doha, Qatar. She went there in 2004 to join her husband and start their married life.

The reason I mentioned Nina is that, in her post, she showed some pictures of different kinds of beads. I remembered Aryst who commented on my first post on beadcraft suggesting I post photos on the different categories or types of beads. Or, at least that's what I thought he said. I don't have such photos yet. I think Nina's will do for now.

Nina notes that before she went to Qatar, she made a lot of bracelets and necklaces made out of beads including pearls. That's one of the markets for beadcraft mentioned to me by my instructor. I guess they are cheaper here than in other countries.

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