Friday, July 6, 2007

Batasayti: IT Law and Policy in the Philippines

Before I even learned how to blog, I have long been tinkering with free websites. One of my personal projects was Batasayti at where I posted my personal ekek on information technology(IT) law and policy, something that I was interested in when I was still a research assistant at the UP Law Center. The site is still up but much of the content there is already passe.

My objective in putting up Batasayti the website was really to help make accessible and promote the discussion of information technology law and policy issues in the Philippines. Now that I learned about blogging, I feel the same objective can also be achieved through a blog. For this reason, I decided a few days ago to start Batasayti the blog, a personal effort to compile as much information on IT law and policy in the Philippines and in other Asian countries.

I certainly wish that this site will be of good use to IT practitioners, law students, and even to the general public, even though I am not really an expert on the matter. My aim is only to help make information on the right to information, right to privacy, electronic documents, electronic signatures, electronic evidence, hacking, even wiretaps, more accessible to the common Pinoy.

For the blog to be of real use, however, it must be reasonably searchable on search engines like Google. For this reason, I would like to solicit everyone's help by asking you to post something about the blog with a link using the text "information technology law philippines". I also request everyone to suggest or point to me any material which you feel should be included in the blog. I would gladly add them to the site.

Your support of course will be greatly appreciated and an appropriate link to your blogs will be added to Batasayti. Am sure, with your help and in due time, we would have accumulated enough information to make the blog useful. Hopefully in the near future.

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