Monday, June 18, 2007

Want to learn guerilla marketing?

The Entrepreneur, the magazine, is giving away tickets to the Jay Levinson event "Guerilla Marketing Conference 2007" and the upcoming Philippine Marketing Association Conference. The event organized by Salt and Light Ventures will be held on July 27 at the Onstage Theater at Greenbelt 1.

Levinson is the author of Guerilla Marketing, the world's largest selling and marketing series with over 14 million copies sold. "Ask almost any successful entrepreneur what the best book is for building a small business, and one of Levinson's titles will sure come up," says the Entrepreneur Business Success Guide.

To join the raffle, you only have to answer 3 questions and send them to (1) How often do you buy Entrepreneur Magazine? (2) Do you subscribe to the Entrepreneur Magazine? Why and why not? (3) What topics are you interested in reading in the Entrepreneur Magazine.

I really do not know how much the registration fee is but I am almost sure that it will not be a measly sum considering Levinson's stature. Chances are it is not within a normal person's budget. Considering this, I encourage everyone to join the raffle and try to attend the conference... through the backdoor. Who knows.


thegrapebunch said...

joined the contest as well.. hoping.. :)

mark said...

I have almost all of Levinson's books and he is a genius. dan Kennedy is another marketing genius that you need to read!

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