Sunday, June 17, 2007

My foray into beadcraft

I attended yesterday a seminar on basic beadcraft at Unique Minds Arts and Craft in San Juan, Metro Manila. I learned that there are different kinds of beads which you can make into bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, cellphone holders, and others. Plastic, acrylic, those from indigenous material like wood or shells, stones like pearls and some others.

Except for this little thing about looping pins, which I could not seem to do right, I think I am going to love this craft. I feel this is something I can be reasonably good at. At one point the instructor asked me who will be wearing my creations. I bet she really meant why am I, a male government employee, trying to learn beadcraft. The short answer of course is for business.

I was told that you can get your materials from shops in Quiapo, Carriedo or Divisoria. I learned also that the materials do not really cost much, and yet you can sell your finished product at quite a big markup. In a sense, what your buyers really pay for is your design. The more creative it is the better.

The pic above is the earring I made during the seminar. One of my first few steps into beadcraft. See also my first illusion-style necklace and cellphone holder.

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Aryst said...

I think you should show us more of the bead photo in its' own category...can you show us? I also don't know that bead have many category...