Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Trainings and Seminars this June

Check out these trainings and seminars scheduled this June 2007. First, Negoskwela continues to offer their regular offerings including Chocolate Molding and other Confectioners (June 1, P1,685), Thai Massage (June 1-2, P1,685), Perfume and Cologne Making (June 2, P1685), Hydrophonics Technology (June 2, P1,385), etc. For more, download Negoskwela schedule for June. To reserve, call 4330621, 4330637 and 9245111.

The Philippine Trade Training Center (PTTC) also has interesting seminars scheduled in the coming month. Special mention of course is How to Start a Business (June 5, P75 only), Business Opportunities in Franchising (June 5, P75) and Chinese Mandarin Business Language Course (June 2-14, P2,500). For reservations, call 8319988 or 8341344 to 49 local 318, or email

On the other hand, the Technology Resource Center is also offering their regular seminars the cheapest among them include Food Cart Business (June 8, P1,375), Setting up a Travel Agency (June 9, P1,375), Operating and Managing a Drugstore (June 9-10, P2,959), Accounting and Record Keeping for Small Business (June 16-17 P2,959), and Catering Business Operation (June 30-July 1, P2,959). To reserve, call 7276205 loc. 208 0r 209.


afterburner said...

good day, sir! i wanna add a seminar regarding trading (stocks). i don't know where to put it but i would be glad if you would go o this site and share all the information regarding the said seminar. thanks!


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