Saturday, March 17, 2007

Easy, Simple Business Ideas

Franchising indeed is a shortcut to a successful business. However, to most people, getting that franchise is still not easy. Excel V. Dyquiangco writes on "small business ideas with 5k to 10k capital" at the He particularly recommends a sari-sari store, a tutoring center, a cellphone load business, cake and pastry business, and a school supplies store.

According to Dyquiangco, these businesses do not require much capital and planning. They also do not require you to rent space as they can very easily be accommodated in some corner of your residence.

Of all these, I am more familiar with cellphone loading. Indeed, you can start by just visiting the load provider's website, registering and loading up by depositing to an identified bank account. This only goes to show that making your first step into business is not that difficult.

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