Thursday, December 30, 2010

Trainings of the Center for Small Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship 101

A FREE Seminar that will equip you with the right concept of entrepreneurship and will help you identify areas of management that you need to strengthen to ensure growth and sustainability of your enterprise.

Knowing Micro-Enterprises Taxes

Don’t be dependent on your accountants. Know and understand legitimate tax obligations related to your business enterprise: which forms to use, how to compute them and when to pay. Learn it all from the "Knowing Micro Enterprises Taxes Training Workshop” and start enjoying the benefits you can derive from paying the right taxes.

Start Your Own Business Enterprise (SYOBE)

Invest your hard-earned money in a business that fits your kind of person. Prepare a realistic and well-designed Business Plan in three days. Be equipped with business skills before taking the plunge. Find out HOW through this SYOBE Training Workshop.

Basic Marketing

Learn the tricks and strategies on how to identify and serve your target market and turn your first-time clients to lifetime customers! This training workshop teaches you how.

Purchasing and Stock Control

Get the best deals in town! Cut the cost by knowing when to buy in small quantity and when to splurge by bulks! Not all products move. Learn the tools on how to properly manage your stocks.
Costing and Pricing

Cost-based pricing grows your business fast - learn how to price your products and services properly from our Costing and Pricing Workshop. Proper Pricing assures higher profit!

Basic Record Keeping

Be in full control of your enterprise by monitoring your business' transactions every day the easy way. The simple and easy-to-apply system that our basic record keeping will teach you will liberate you from your apprehensions in the tough and taxing demands of record keeping. Empower yourself with the skills and end your worries.

Understanding Financial Statements

Know what your Financial Statements are telling you about the status of your business. Learn how to forecast your sales and costs and how you can grow your business through financial planning.

Promotion for Micro Enterprises

Create and project a distinct personality for your business. Attract new customers and generate more sales. Learn the fabulous and effective ways of promoting your products and services at low cost by attending this one-day Promotion for Micro Enterprises Training workshop.

Advance Record Keeping

Make better management decisions with the aid of your records. Be acquainted with the books of accounting and speak the language of "debits" and "credits." Understand the "accounts" and “transactions” of a growing business for more efficient enterprise management.

Marketing Plan

Assess your market and design a marketing mix that would equip you with a Marketing Plan that works amidst growing competition. Identify your niche and position your product base on a market research. Learn it all in the “Marketing Plan Training Workshop.”

Effective People Management

Train and empower your staff by developing your management skills. Improve outputs by developing positive personal attributes for effective management. Invest in yourself and be empowered with effective people management skills.

Meat Processing

Tapa and skinless longganisa making with Business Idea Generation (BIG),

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