Sunday, July 18, 2010

Strategic Account Management Workshop

Date: August 3, 2010
Time: 8:30am-5:30pm
Venue: Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Makati
Seats Available: 15

A major thrust for most sales organizations today is on how to keep the right customers through the proper management of each of their most valuable accounts. The focus of most account managers has primarily been on the large accounts that may deliver high volume sales, but, may end up being not as profitable as the others.

The fact is, there might be valuable accounts in our client list that have not been given proper attention and care that could have given us the much needed sales and profits. Losing a valuable account today will have great effects on the company's bottom line.

This emphasizes the need to develop both the strategic and tactical mindsets of account managers. However, developing the strategic perspective in account managers does not come instinctively. Proficiency in both the strategic and tactical managing of accounts encompasses the planning, organizing, controlling and evaluation of each account.

This seminar addresses the need to:
1. Shift the selling mode of the participants from a primarily tactical to a balance of both strategic and tactical approaches based on the clients' preferences

2. Manage their "most valuable accounts" that have the highest potential for long term sales AND profits

3. Identify and address key factors to help them manage their accounts better

4. Differentiate themselves in the market place by applying better account management approaches that promote customer retention and sales growth

This course would be beneficial for Sales Managers and Sales Professionals:
- who manage various accounts that range from big to small clients
- who would like to derive more productive sales from a strategic standpoint

Rates per participant:

P7, 500 + VAT starting July 3, 2010 and paid within the assigned due date
P8, 500 + VAT for on-site payments

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