Saturday, July 10, 2010

Labor Law and Relations

For HR Practitioners & Business Owners

July 24 & 31, 2010 (Saturday), 9am to 5pm

A Must-Attend Seminar Series for HR Practitioners & Department Staff,

Personnel & Administrative Officers, Payroll Officers & Business Owners!

Learn and understand the Philippine Labor Code with an HR-practicing attorney!



"How to Protect Your Company

from Costly Labor Suits"

A two-day seminar-workshop on the Philippine Labor Law and its

interpretation to ensure proper application for establishing HR Policies and Labor Relations Management guidelines. Conducted by an HR-practicing Attorney, this course examines essential labor laws and actual labor cases. It helps participants protect their companies from costly labor suits and union problems.

Topics Include:

1. Introduction to the Philippine Labor Law

2. Employers vs. Employees

3. Working Conditions

4. Wages

5. Proper Termination of Employment

6. Labor Organizations & Unions

7. Legal Remedies

8. Labor Cases and Consultation

Schedule: July 24 & 31, 2010 (9am to 5pm)

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