Monday, June 8, 2009

Mastering Twitter

I am sure you have heard already of Twitter, the social networking and micro-blogging service that enables users to post updates of up to 140 characters.

On Twitter, users post updates known as tweets on the service's website, or reply to or re-post (retweet) other people's tweets.

Twitter also allows you to follow your favorite celebrities and read their updates as soon as they are posted. It is like constantly following them celebrities without being accused of being a stalker.

And there's more. I have discovered that a combination of applications actually allows you to post updates via text to Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo Messenger and even your blogs.

Here's how. Register at Then turn on the Twitter application on Facebook. Next, install the Yahoo Messenger plugin Twitter-Sync.

Finally, if you are using, you can add this code to your blogs to show your Twitter updates.

Try all these and experience mobile blogging in the truest sense. And, in case you are interested, feel free to follow me (gelumantao) on Twitter. I would be glad to follow you too.

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