Saturday, February 14, 2009

14th Hot Air Balloon Festival at Clark

It is not only information and trainings which improve us. Sometimes, a good sight uplifts the spirit more and fuels us to greater heights. This is why I felt really lucky attending a workshop at Clark Air Field in Pampanga just when they were holding a very special event.

I was there on opening day, February 12, and before the sun rose, to watch the Hot Air Balloon Festival, a four-day event dubbed as a "weekend of everything that flies". I say I saw all those colorful giant balloons get inflated and rise up to the air right after sunrise.

It was a very colorful sight, something which my 6-year old son would have loved to see. Nevertheless, I took tens and tens of pictures with my not-so-high-tech digital cam for him to see. See the video of them pictures above.

The event actually runs 'til tomorrow, February 15. You can see not only the balloons but also lots of other aviation shows and exhibits, including sky divers, plane exhibitions, etc. Everything there is a testament that man has really conquered the sky.


seminar said...

Its Fine Blog... Thanx


marisse said...

I'd love to witness the event myself! I will enjoy it for sure. Thanks for sharing :)