Monday, July 14, 2008

Business Summaries: Wisdom in a nutshell

What is the next best thing to getting a hold of those damn great bestselling business books? I would say, having someone who have read the books in full explain to you what they are all about.

Some people, especially those with tight schedules, may even say it is better than reading the book yourself. You get the gist of what the book is saying, learn from it, without having to read it page by page.

It seems that is exactly what they do at By subscribing, you get to access their business (book) summaries which are available in various formats like PDF, Powerpoint, PDA, HTML, MP3, among others.

Because the summaries are just a few pages long, you get to learn great business ideas and strategies from some of the world's greatest minds in a matter of minutes. And, because there is no information overload, you get to appreciate them better.

Still not convinced? Try signing up for's free 1-month trial and receive several 8 to 12 page book summaries, in addition a 2-day access to their full archive, and a lifetime subscription to their Business Summaries Lite, entitling you to receive one 2-page book summary for the rest of your life!

Now, isn't that a good deal?

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