Sunday, April 20, 2008

GEL Accounting Solutions & Consultancy

I am launching today a new website for my accounting practice and consultancy. My services will be geared towards small and medium enterprises, or SMEs, as well as online or internet ventures.

As I said in the website, unlike large companies which have huge accounting departments with ready access to established accounting and auditing firms, SMEs usually make do with the crudest record-keeping by its owners and managers as source of financial information.

My personal vision is a more level playing field. I believe no business is too small to benefit from a properly set up and efficiently working accounting systems. Along this line, I will provide a range of accounting services to SMEs which I hope will allow them compete in this age of technology and globlization. Please take time to visit for more information.


Did You Know? said...

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Greg from Make Money Online said...

To level the playing field is a great vision. Good Luck