Monday, March 10, 2008

The search for Pinoy Seminar Mentors is on

I have been going through a lot of challenges these days that I have not been able to update my blogs lately. I was not even able to "celebrate" the first anniversary of this blog, Pinoy Seminars. On January 20, 2007, I first posted on this blog:
Today, I start a new endeavor. I do this with a very clear goal in mind, something that I would rather keep to myself for now. Everything else is just implementation.

Despite all the distractions, I remain committed to making this blog work. I feel that in the past year I have had some success in finding a niche, getting some traffic, as well as in earning reasonable income.

I am now ready to raise my blogging to a higher level. I invite everyone, especially more experienced bloggers, to review Pinoy Seminars in your blogs and and tell me how to make this blog be of greater service to others, get more traffic and earn additional income.

In exchange for your generosity, I will be choosing the most constructive and helpful reviews and award the author/s the Pinoy Seminar Mentors Award with a permanent link from my sidebar and even posting privileges here at Pinoy Seminars.

While this may not be much, I am sure that this exercise as well as the award will be a testament to Pinoy bloggers' good heart and willingness to share knowledge with others.

Review me. Positive, negative, it does not matter. I will thank you nonetheless.

Note: This will be a continuing exercise. Please advise me thru a comment if you have posted a review anywhere on the net. Thank you.


Richard said...


Here's a good widget to drive traffic to your blog. It's called BlogRush, highly recommended by Internet Marketing gurus.

You can check their site for a video explaining how it can help drive traffic to your blog. Here's the link:

There are qualification requirements but I know your blog will pass it.


Gibo said...

thanks richard. ive heard about blogrush before but have yet to hear from anyone on how effective it is. thats why i sort of forgot about it. will put on the widget in a few days. :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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