Saturday, January 5, 2008

Pinoy Seminars' new look

I was absent from this blog for quite some time and I felt it would be nice to celebrate my return and the new year with a new template. Besides, I was not quite comfortable with the previous template because it was the same design used by other more popular blogs/sites.

Together with the new template, I am also restarting and redesigning my blogroll into a "link exchange" list. This time around, I intend to list only related blogs willing to list Pinoy Seminars in exchange. I think it would better that way. The list should be up in a few hours.

This year will be a really new year for me as I have decided not to renew my contract with my last employer. I did so after so much thought and reflection. I still do not know yet where I will end up working, but for now, I intend to spend whatever extra time I have on my blogs. There is therefore reason to expect new things from this blog.


mon said...

Ganda naman.That is also my goal this year to learn and change the template of my site para mas organize.
Ganun din gusto ko sa blogroll ko.Yun lang gusto and willing mag link.
Congrats sa new look!

Gibo said...

hi mon. it's easy. just go to google and search for "free blogger template". find one you like and copy the code. log in to your blogger account and click on layout, then edit html.

make sure you backup. then, select the full code with replace it (paste) it with the one you copied. then save.

it's that simple. you have a new look for your blog. :)

mon said...

Thanks, try ko one time if I am not busy.

Cyberpunk said...

I like the new template. Very clean and professional looking. :)