Monday, January 28, 2008

Negoskwela goes to Baguio

Negoskwela will conduct seminars “Comprehensive Balloon Making and Design” and “Basic Meat Processing” on February 19 to 20 at 67 Marcos Highway (former Chaparral Compound), Baguio City.

For inquires and reservations, those in Baguio may call or text 09204013959 and 09196670440, while those in Manila may call 4267952.

Check out Negoskwela's latest schedule here in Manila. You may also visit their website at


Willy David Jr said...

Hi! I've loved your post about Negoskwela Goes to Baguio. According to my insider information, 8 Million OFWs will go home this December because of US Recession. Our government don't want us to know this facts to prevent panics in economic situations. So business will open the mind of students to be smart on how money will work for them.

I was a member of one of business community which is an affiliated site of

Create Abundance Business Community compose of group of Businessman and Investors who also follows Robert Kiyosaki's principles. If you wouldn't mind, is it ok with you to add your blog link to my links on my blog at so that I can have updates everytime you post? Can you also include our Create Abundance Business Community website? In return, I will post all your links to our blogspot accounts. Thank you.

Best regards,
Willy David Jr

Gibo said...

Hi Willy. I am honored to have someone like you comment on my blog. thank you. Much of the passion you see in here is because of Cashflow 101 session I attended at AIM in Makati last year.

Can't remember the name of the group who did it, or even the lecturer/game master who conducted it. But the ideas I got there are still as fresh as ever.

It made me realize the rat race I was in, and largely still in. Glad to hear about your group, Create Abundance 2020. I would love to know more.

Of course, you can add Pinoy Seminars to your links. I have added your Millionaire Blog to my links too. Thanks.

Willy David Jr said...

Hi Gibo,

Thanks for that. It was an honor also on my part to see people like you who take actions after knowing the value of this Cashflow 101 and other related books as well. More power to your success!

Best regards,
Willy David Jr

Anonymous said...

This is half entertaining. But then once more I am very high right now