Thursday, November 1, 2007

Rounded corners with Photoshop

A month or so ago, I helped a friend set up a website for his debt collection agency at As I am not a professional web designer, I had to use a free web template downloaded from the net. The design called for some pictures with rounded corners. Obviously, I didn't know how to make them.

Like in many other instances, I found the answer by searching for it on the net. I followed the steps enumerated at and was satisfied by the result. Now, I can confidently say, I know how to make them rounded corners. The picture at the left is my proof.

Using Photoshop 7, the following are the steps:

(1) Open the image whose corners you want to change;

(2) Select the Rounded Rectangle Tool from the Tools ( note that you will find this tool in the menu which will open when you point your mouse at the lower right corner of the Rectangle Tool);

(3) After selecting the Rounded Rectangle Tool, enter a value in the blank field after Radius on the Options menu (note that the higher the value the more defined are the rounded corners);

(4) Still on the Options menu, to the left, click on the "Shape layers" button;

(5) To get rid of the fill collor, go to the Layers palette and drag the "Fill" slider to 0%;

(6) After, go to the Paths palette and click on the arrow on the top-right corner to generate the drop-down menu;

(7) On the drop-down menu, select "Make Selection";

(8) On the "Make Selection" dialog box, leave the settings as is and click on OK;

(9) Then, click on "Edit" on the main menu and "Copy Merged" on the drop-down menu to copy the rounded rectangle;

(10) Open a new document and paste the copied rounded rectangle; and finally

(11) Extend the canvass size so as to reveal all the corners.

After following these steps, you should now have your picture with rounded corners.

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