Saturday, November 24, 2007

Kerygma Conference Live

We just came from Philsports Arena (formerly ULTRA) where we attended the very first Kerygma Conference conducted by the Light of Jesus Family of Bo Sanchez. In the few hours that we were there, we were inspired by the sharings of Fr. Orbos who celebrated the opening mass, the performance of very powerful performers like Nolyn Cabahug and Dulce, and the Bo's talk on his 7 beliefs.

One of my personal highlights was the story of Fr. Orbos about his magnetized reading glasses. Right before the Lord's prayer, he told us the story of how he saw one of those magnetized clip-on glasses worn by a co-priest and how he searched for such type of glasses in all the optical shops in Metro Manila to no avail. Then, on Fathers Day, his car conked out in Cainta next to a small optical shop selling those glasses. His message, the Lord knows our deepest desires.

Another highlight was the very powerful rendition of Nolyn Cabahug of "This is the Moment" and Dulce's "Power of Love". I relly felt empowered by their voices. Deep inside all of us is a voice singing "this my moment" celebrating in the "power of love". If only we can tune in to that voice.

Finally, Bo, in his talk, reminded us to be "planted beside the river" and told us about his 7 beliefs, one of which was that we all have our own special destiny that only us can fulfill. If, for some reason we fail to rise up to the challenge, the world miss that thing that we were destined to do. Let us not allow that.

The Conference runs up to the morning of tomorrow, Sunday. If, for any reason you cannot go but still want to watch or listen in, there is live streaming at their website. I'm sure there are lots of people/communities around the world who will be joining you in watching.

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