Sunday, August 12, 2007

A second look at Trinoma

The MRT connection is now open. From the northbound side of the North Avenue station, you can actually walk straight into the first floor of the Triangle North of Manila (Trinoma).

After a few trips there, I realized that the mall's design is not really as mind-boggling as I thought it was. ]It is actually a straight walk, more or less, from the MRT station to the main entrance of the mall which is fronting West Avenue corner Mindanao Avenue. Very convenient for us who have to take the Proj. 6 jeep in going home.

At the middle, there is an activity center where they do various exhibits and sales. There is also a kiddie area where my son Roan has been visiting for the slides and all. At the main entrance, they have this grand flowing water design which my son also likes. After a few minutes watching, not surprisingly, my boy actually asked if he can "take a bath please". :)

The concierge says there is still no available map of the mall. I assume it will available once they will formally open. For now, I know it is a four-floors-plus-basement thing with the kiddie rides at the fourth floor. The areas I described before as hot are actually semi-open areas designed to give us a different malling experience. And different it is.

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