Monday, August 27, 2007

Got a Thinking Blogger Award

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For some reason, I got a Thinking Blogger Award from Selaplana of I assume it is an award started by the Thinking Blog and now being passed on from one thinking blogger to another. Selaplana had this to say about me:
Gibo for informing about Skim-boarding. His blog Bol-anon, actually reminds me my first ever visit to Tagbilaran City last July 5-6, 2007.
Bol-anon of course is one of my blogs which I recently turned into a group/community blog on Bohol and the journeying Boholanos. My other blogs include Pinoy Seminars, Quick and Random, Batasayti and Kontrakablag.

I thank Selaplana for choosing me as one of his 10 awardees out of the many members of his community. I now would like to pass on the award to a great set of bloggers who has been making me "think" for some time now:
  1. Eu-Leh of Entrepinoys Atbp.
  2. Gcol of Pinoy-Negosyo-Techs
  3. Gwen of the Thegrapebunch
  4. Maia Jose of Manila Mom, and
  5. The people behind Mag-negosyo.

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