Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Everything at P55

We all have seen that shop or chain of shops which sells everything at P99. Well, I came across this shop in Makati which sells just about anything at only P55, around 50% less. The shop known as Uncle Bills, is located near the escalator/stairs of the southbound side of the MRT Station near Ayala.

I could not believe the things they were selling there at such a low price. Their wares include kitchen utensils, cleaning paraphernalia, school supplies, household items, hobby and craft items, even some sport equipment like a pair of table tennis rackets, and many others.

I think their pricing would be a hit to the common Pinoy who are constantly looking for bargains. Their wares looked durable enough too. I and my wife got an egg beater that we have been using in dishwashing/fabric conditioner-making.

I can only hope that shops like Uncle Bills will continue to flourish in Metro Manila and in other provinces.

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