Monday, June 11, 2007

Trying TriNoma

My wife and our two kids had our first look at Triangle North of Manila (TriNoma), that new 3.5 billion mall by Ayala Corporation which soft-opened only last May 16, 2007. It is located at the corner of EDSA and North Avenue, just across SM City.

Although the mall obviously is far from being finished, it already looks huge at least from the outside, as it seems to occupy that area from EDSA to that part fronting Mindanao Avenue. This Wikipedia entry says its going to occupy 20 hectares and will offer 195,000 gross leasable area, clearly a direct challenge to SM City and the Block. It will also have an 8,000 slot parking lot.

What seems to differentiate TriNoma with SM City and the Block, at least for now, is that it has a some waterworks up front, meaning fountains, and a park on their top floors. Going there is quite a departure from SM malls' "block" image. The mall also promises to improve rail travel experience in the Philippines as it will be directly connected to the North Avenue station of the MRT. Perhaps we are really learning a thing or two from Hongkong.

But for now, comfort and convenience is clearly not yet at the optimum. The forward area, right near the entrance was quite hot. That park upstairs, was dark and hot too. There were also no observable floor maps that we still had to ask the guard where Jollibee and Mcdonalds were. My wife also had to walk a long way to go to a comfort room. I also know of an incident wherein some of the early mall customers suffered minor injuries due to a freak accident in the mall.

Still, am quite hopeful that TriNoma will give us a nice mall experience in a year or so. My kids did love the rides at the mall's Timezone, said to be the flagship and going to be the largest in the Philippines. I am also happy that Landmark will soon be closer to home. I always felt that their department store offered you real good buys. One big reason why I await the formal opening of TriNoma. Until then.

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Maia Jose, Manila Mom said...

We are just about 15 minutes away from the TriNoMa mall and we haven't been there yet. Am glad to have read your review, though. Looks like there's no hurry to go this early. Perhaps we should give them more time to prepare. I sure hope they shape up so as not to disappoint.