Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Free seminars

A month or so ago, I came across a posting at which announced free seminars on dishwashing liquid and others and I, on pure curiousity, found a way to attend. The seminars turned out to be a quick sessions on how to mix pre-formulated substances to produce them dishwashing liquid, fabric conditioner, handwash, carwash, even perfumes, at just 25% percent, even less, of the selling price of commonly known brands like Joy, Downy, etc.

In the seminars, I learned that you just a have to mix thoroughly a kilogram (500g of something and 500g of another), plus coloring, a bubble enhancer, sodium chlolide, scent and still another substance to produce dishwashing liquid comparable with and maybe just as fragrant as the most popular brand in the market. I also learned that do the same, simple mixing, to make highly saleable products like fabric conditioners, hand wash, liquid detergent, car wash, and perfumes.

The company, W-Rich (am not aware if they have a website), giving out the lectures sells packaged pre-formulated materials raw materials at very cheap prices using a multi-level marketing strategy. For me though, I don't care much of their multi-level scheme, but am pretty happy with the fact that you can produce 12 liters of dishwashing liquid from raw materials worth P395 for a new entrant, P300 for members.

This means you can produce 250ml at cost of around P8, something you can resell in nice bottles which the company also provide, for P25. How about 250ml of fabric conditioner for cost of just P12.40? It's something you can resell in nice bottles for P35. I would say that's a good deal, not counting the networking benefits the company also offers.

For those interested to learn more and attend the seminar, please email me at, or text 09189387793. You do need a sponsor to attend them seminars.

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